Roulette Variants: Additional Rules For The Classic Game

January 14, 2023 0 Comments

Despite the years, roulette always remains popular as one of the most popular games in physical casinos around the world, and also online thanks to live roulette, video roulette, and the numerous variations available to players thanks access to digital casinos. This doesn’t mean that the need for renovation and modernization hasn’t affected this old French game, too: in fact, there are several game variants that, while using the same elements during games, add a dash of adrenaline and extra awe. Among the most important in physical casinos is double ball roulette, while in online casinos, there is no shortage of opportunities to have fun with less orthodox versions of roulette.

One of the most spectacular roulettes is Pinball roulette, in which the wheel is replaced by a pinball machine, followed by the Multi-Wheel roulette, that is, the multi-wheel roulette, which simultaneously presents 6 or more virtual roulettes in which you can place your bet, and finally digital 3D roulette, similar in all aspects to physical ones, which allow a superior visual approach compared to classic online roulette.

The Roulette Version With The Double Ball 

Among the variants of roulette, the double ball is the most common, also considering the similarity with the rules of the classic game optimized by the additional thrust given by the presence of two balls in one place. With this roulette, in fact, the balls are doubled, but also the bets that can be made, including the eventuality that both balls stop at the same number, which increases the odds of the classic 35 to 1 for bets straight increase. You can play roulette with the double ball in physical and online casinos: even in the digital version, this variant does not lose its charm, and, on the contrary, the speed of online software makes it even more exciting to play there.

I Know French Roulette Well; Will I Be Confused If I Play American Roulette?

The differences between the roulette variants are minimal: unlike other casino games, in fact, they are based on the same physical elements (board and wheel) and the game dynamics are the same, only the small details change. French roulette is more common than American roulette, but if you want to test your readiness directly on the field and embark on a new experience, try starting with an online version, to see how to win at American roulette and what really changes. You can always refer to this guide to remember basic differences, such as the presence of double 0 instead of single 0 or the absence of the “in prison” rule.

How Important Is The Presence Of Ads?

European roulette offers various game combinations as an added incentive, which is precisely “announced” by dealers when they occur. These are some series of numbers, considered according to how they are positioned on the wheel:

  • Near Zero: are the numbers that are immediate to the right and left of 0.
  • The 5/8 Series: These are the 12 numbers located on the opposite side of the wheel from the 0 neighbors.
  • Orphans: These are the remaining 8 numbers placed in the empty spaces between the neighbors of zero and the 5/8 series.

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